291 BTC human transaction error

Someone accidentally included a huge fee in a transaction. In a transaction with a total input of 291.241 BTC, a fee was included of 291.2409, so the fee made up the biggest part of the transaction.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 09.57.34

At total market price, this is a mistake of over $136,000 USD.

As mining network bitclub mined the block containing this faulty transaction, they were quick to notify the community that the owner of these BTC can get them back by contacting them.

Big thumbs up for bitclub.




DAOHub raises over 15 million USD with 23 days left

‘The Dao’ launched on saturday 30 april 2016. DAO stands for Digital Autonomous Organization; a software tool that mimics a democracy with cryptocurrency as its means of payment and settlement.

The DAO is an implementation of ‘a dao’ and referenced to as the mother of all (future) dao’s. The investors of slock.it decided they wanted to run their crowdsale on a dao platform as originally invented by Vitalik Buterin and first committed their time to further develop the software needed for that so that it could not only be used for daohub’s crowdsale of the dao, but all future dao’s.

In a dao, dao token holders can do project proposals and other members of the dao can vote on those. If a project gets enough votes, funds will be allocated to the project in consensus. Even slock.it will need to submit their proposal to the dao and at the moment they are, as any other project proposal would be, unsure they will be approved.

Slock.it seeks to make sharing universally accessible by making it part of the ubuntu core. By rewarding the dao with a commission over each transaction, slock.it seeks to make the dao profitable. In addition, the dao can fund other DAPPS and synergies to become profitable.

There are still 9 days left to buy dao tokens for the 1:100 ratio (with 1 ether you get 100 dao tokens). You might want to buy ether first with bitcoin and then convert the ether to dao tokens.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.41.26

Currently The DAO takes the 6th place in the list of top funded crowdsales and is very likely to move up several places before the sale ends. Read more on their reddit channel r/thedao.



DAO Creation – over 60 million raised – only 20 hours left in first 1/100 ratio

The DAO creation is attracting an amazing amount of capital. At the current moment the counter is at over 60 million. The DAO is a Decentral Autonomous Organization; one of the first of it’s kind. Actually when you think about it, bitcoin was the first DAO, only without the part where stakeholders can submit proposals and letting the outcome of the voting allocate funds or not.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.59.12

Dash with its masternode system was actually one of the first real implementations of a DAO. For example it could let the masternodes vote on a proposal to let the miner rewards go the address of the Daily Decrypt to fund promotion of the Dash ecosystem. Great idea.

There is still 20 hours left for the optimum ‘buy-in’ ratio; plenty of time to buy ethereum and use that to create some dao tokens.

It will be interesting to see if The DAO sale will actually become the largest crowdsale ever, even though many people argue whether it’s an ico in the first place.

We will keep you uptodate. In the mean time you can checkout the reddit channel.



TheDAO – Top 500 token holders – Rich List

Etherscan has a nice overview of the amount of Ether that was transferred to The DAO contract per ether address; which basically is ‘The Rich List‘.

It appears that the Top 500 holders collectively own 71.84% (427,220,223.00 Tokens) of TheDAO at the time of writing.

The first 112 addresses own more than 1 million DAO tokens, which means they invested at least 10.000 ether. At the moment of writing, 10.000 ether is about a 100.000 euro (95.600 euro to be precise).

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 13.31.49

There is only about 20 hours left to make the final purchases, you can still buy ethereum with bitcoin and then transfer the ether to the contract addres of TheDAO (0xbb9bc244d798123fde783fcc1c72d3bb8c189413).

You can find instructions on how to do that on daohub.



Coinbase exchange adding Ethereum

According to /r/ethtrader and a tweet by colin crypto for a brief moment, the coinbase exchange was showing ether information in the my-fees section.

After about half an hour it was taken offline by Coinbase, according to some due the fact that Coinbase probably wants to announce this officially before rumours may spread.


The price rose sharply on the news but then fell back quite quickly.

Ether is trading quite strong since the inception of TheDao, probably due to the fact that a lot of people are buying into Ether, so that they can convert into TheDao more easily. Also because of the news coverage the Dao has been getting.

In case you have bitcoin, you can buy ethereum with bitcoin and then follow the instructions on daohub for buying dao tokens from within Mist.

Update: in the mean time the price raised due to some Chinese buying activity and/or the Coinbase news. 以太坊 is the translated word for Ethereum, As 以太坊 (Ethereum) didn’t seem to be on the radar of Chinese exchanges sofar, they have quite some catching up to do. Allegedly okcoin is introducing Ether trading soon.


Dutch Gulden project takes off

A remarkable Dutch crypto currency project is taking off in a big way. The Dutch Gulden project has achieved many things in the last few years, among which implementing and developing a mature ecosystem;

  1. the gulden app
  2. the blockchain explorer
  3. the iphone app
  4. the android app
  5. the slack community
  6. the community sites, like guldenweb, guldens kopen

Gulden, being the national coin before Holland got the euro as the European standard, has still many supporters and is still very much liked.

Having an electronic version of the Gulden will most likely appeal to many Dutch people.

It seems like the only thing left to do is a massive marketing campaign to get more of the Dutch people on board. In addition it would be great if Poloniex would include guldens (NLG) in their offerings to offer some liquidity to the markets.

The gulden currently trades at a few exchanges, most notably being Bittrex and Bleutrade.

New York Times places front page TheDAO news article

New York Times’ 22 May print edition features a story on TheDAO, as well as an online article that can be found here:

A Venture Fund With Plenty of Virtual Capital, but No Capitalist

This is an image of the print edition front page:


Mainstream media like NYT, while intrigued, are mostly negative on their reporting on TheDAO, seeing a lot of potential regulatory issues.

TheDAO collected more than 160 million at the moment of writing at the current Ether exchange rate. It is still possible to participate for another 5 days; interested buyers can buy ethereum with bitcoin and follow the instructions at daohub.org. The current ration is 100 daotokens for each 1.4 ether, buy ether to convert it to daotokens, if you believe it will benefit the ethereum ecosystem and/ or if you think it will bring your personal financial gain.

There is an increasing interested from bitcoin exchanges to add Ether, the native currency of the Ethereum network, which will have a great influence on liquidity of Ether. Last week the infamous US Coinbase exchange announced a rebrand to GDAX (Global Digital Asset Exchange), which will be operational on 24 may 2016 and includes ether and litecoin support. Another licensed exchange that recently added Ether support is Gemini.

In China, where Ethereum is written like 以太坊, there is growing support with exchanges for Ether; there are rumours that Okcoin will be adding ether in the near future as they are noticably testing or experimenting in their api with ether.

More and more bitcoin exchanges seem to be shifting towards exchanging digital assets.


TheDAO – Only 18 hours left until creation

At this moment TheDAO, a dentralized governance fund ran by anonymous individuals, raised 11.81 million ether, currently representing a value of 128 million USD, resulting in more than 1150 million daotokens to be created.

Started early May, TheDAO will end on 28 May 09:00 CMT; after it ran exactly 28 days. In about 18 hours the possibility for creating dao tokens will expire and the sale will conclude. In the mean time the value of ether decreased significantly, which might be due to the recent rise of bitcoin.Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 16.15.52

An interesting analysis on how the to token distribution was performed was written by Johannes Pfeffer.

For 18 more hours it’s possible to buy ethereum and convert purchased ether to daotokens.

It would be interesting to know if in China lots of people have created daotokens, since ethereum adaption is a lot lower there.

Ethereum, in Chinese written as 以太坊 , still must come a long way in China. One of the largest bitcoin exchanges okcoin has begun doing some experiments with ethereum, but a definitive listing hasn’t been announced.


SEPA withdrawals from within Gulden app added

It’s now possible to transfer ‘guldens’ to any QR enabled SEPA account from within your gulden app.

As Dutch bank ING recently added QR code support, the developers of the mobile gulden app quickly responded by adding an interesting feature; transferring guldens to your bank account from within your app.


The QR code support is necessary because now it’s possible to simply scan the code and the IBAN number will be automatically entered in the screen as the deposit address. It’s basically a usability enhancement, as it technically would also work without a QR code, by manually entering the IBAN code, but given the nature of the medium users wouldn’t likely do that.

It’s possible to buy guldens, or as we say it in Holland: guldens kopen on these exchanges; bittrex.com, bleutrade.com.






Singular DTV DAO Proposal

An interesting DAO Proposal has emerged; A smart contract digital rights managed firm and content creator; Singular DTV.

S-DTV is planning to produce a documentary and a mini-series on the topic of distribibuted and ‘singularity’ technology.


As documented in this proposal, TheDAO can take part in financing a piece of the investment need for creating the video material and do VOD content distribution through a portal using a Consensys technology named Ujo.

S-DTV DAO means to create 1 billion tokens. 250 million tokens are meant to distribute amount daotoken holders, for which they intend to raise 3.75 million USD.

If you don’t own daotokens and should you want to participate in TheDao, you will need to buy ether and convert it to dao tokens through a swap contract, do an OTC buy on /r/thedao, or simply buy dao tokens on an exchange.


Poloniex adds ETH base market including ETH-DAO and ETH-LSK trading pairs

Poloniex has added ETH as a base market, next to BTC, XMR (Monero) and USDT, which is pretty significant news for Ethereum. What is interesting to take note of is the order in which they appear now, indicating that is the order that Poloniex thinks will be most relevant in future trading.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 09.40.26

Under the ETH tab, Poloniex has listed two tokens/ coins sofar, being LSK (Lisk) and DAO (TheDAO).

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 09.41.24

The new Poloniex base market opens lots of opportunities for (DAO) tokens like DGD, DGX, MKR, DAI, REP and probably more to come soon. Also other coins will be added there probably to mitigate the risk in case of Ethereum taking over Bitcoin in terms of market cap. At some point in time ETH might become the most important base market.

If you own bitcoin but don’t want to go through the hassle of registering with an exchange, buy ether with bitcoin (buy ethereum or if you are located in China:  以太坊) and receive the ether in your Ethereum Wallet, fast.

Bitcoin UP 16.7% in the last 7 days – about to break 700 USD

Cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin has revealed its true power by taking big moves up in price in the last week in anticipation of the halving, that will take place in July.

The halving will result in a decreased (halved) reward for bitcoin miners (from 25 to 12.5), which results in the need for doubled prices in order for the miners to stay profitable. Especially miners with aged equipment are on tiny margins so they are not likely to operate at a loss.

Bitcoin specialists like Amanda Johnson of the Daily Decrypt have casts their fears that the bitcoin network wouldn’t be strong enough to support the spikes in transactions that the necessary increased prices would result in.


Everyone hopes that the Bitcoin network will be strong enough to support the increased load but if it’s not, it might lead to a negative spiral of transaction delays, miners dropping of the network and lower prices.

It is interesting to keep close eyes on the transaction backlog as the prices moves up, at the moment of writing there are about 10,000 unconfirmed transactions with an orphan count of 111.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 09.47.15


Meanwhile, Ether, the native token of the ethereum network, is moving up on an all time high position in USD (previous ATH was $15.02). In the unfortunate scenario that the bitcoin transaction volume might prove to be to high to be sustainable at the current blocksize, there might be a lot of traders that would move temporary to other alternatives, such as Ethereum, Dash or Litecoin. Ethereum in that case seems most plausible as Litecoin and Dash are both forks of Bitcoin. It will be very interesting to see history unfold itself in july.

If you want to anticipate on that event, buy ether with bitcoin here: buy ethereum or in China: 以太坊 or in Holland: ether kopen will get you to a site where you can swap bitcoin for ether.

So keep checking that the transaction backlog and see if you can find correlation between the current network activity & volume and the number of unconfirmed transactions and make up your own mind. Hopefully action will not be necessary but it doesn’t hurt to do some proper research, to protect your investment.





Search volume ethereum and bitcoin analyzed – google trends

With the prices of bitcoin and alt coins going up it is interesting to see what popular search terms are doing for actually buying bitcoin and ethereum; terms like buy ethereum with bitcoin.

Bitcoin, as you can see in the graph below, is drawing renewed interest, currently at about halfway of 2014’s peak. Ethereum is currenly so niche, so unknown and misunderstood, that the search volume is almost 0.

As time will go by and people will understand that Ethereum is very unique and the blockchain to go to for smart contracts and high level applications, the price will move up and so will the interest in it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.18.10

If you have bitcoin, and you want to know how to buy ethereum, you can buy ether with bitcoin here and have it withdrawn to your Ethereum wallet.

In Holland there is a convenient site where you can buy bitcoin first, or as the Dutch say it; bitcoin kopen. Ether can then be, or 以太坊 as they call it in China,  converted from bitcoin into ether; buy ether here and add your Mist address so that you can receive it in your wallet.

ABN Amro innovation tweets about Gulden Project – during startup week

With the text “Krijgt van gelijk? “, ABN Amro innovation tweeted about the Gulden Project, as you can see in this screenshot:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.40.08

It is pretty significant that a Dutch bank tweets about a project that can make bank accounts redundant.

Roel explains more in this video:


Ga naar guldens kopen om meer informatie te krijgen over de gulden.


Ether about to break through 20 USD

An incredible bull run is taking place for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin currently passed $725 dollar while Ether is about to touch $20.

There seems to be no rest for both virtual currencies as people are flocking to fill the orderbooks on the buy side.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 16.31.25

TheDAO is lagging behind, breaking the 1 ETH : 100 DAO, but still following the uptrend.

If you have bitcoin; just buy ethereum with bitcoin, it is easy to buy ethereum on buy ether dot com and convert your bitcoin to ether.

以太坊 or ether kopen as they say respectively in China and Holland; setup your wallet, convert some eth and you are good to go.

Spike in Bitcoin price to over 634 euro as English voters vote pro-Brexit

The majority of the English voters on the referendum for exiting the European Union have voted pro exit. As the majority of the voters took their stance to leave the EU, David Cameron resigned as a prime minister.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.27.54

There is much turmoil on the global stock exchanges, the AEX went down 8%, the pound reached the lowest level since 1985. However Bitcoin gained with an amount percentage from the 500 euro level to over 634 euro before it started retracing this morning. Also ether gained significantly, which leads to more buy ethereum search engine traffic. Despite the recent catastrophic events in the ethereum ecosystem, it seems the price is stable above 10 euro now and some people still buy ether in hopes of a future better price.







Kraken acquires Clevercoin for European expansion

After acquiring US-based bitcoin company Coinsetter and Canadian CAVirtex, Kraken.com now buys bitcoin company Clevercoin in The Netherlands.

According to their blog post, the weeks following the Coinsetter and CAVirtex acquisition, Kraken saw large volume increases in several trading pairs; XBT/USD (13x increase), ETH/USD (30x increase), XBT/CAD (50x increase), and ETH/CAD (6x increase), so they will probably expect to see an increase in the XBT/EUR market combined with strategic reasons to set foot in the Dutch bitcoin market.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.20.17

According to Karsten Nilsen, CTO and Co-Founder, it has still to be decided what will happen to the technical platform of Clevercoin, but meanwhile trading resumes as normal.

Noticeably, Clevercoin doesn’t offer a way to buy ether, if you want to buy ethereum or ethereum kopen as they say in Holland (or 太坊 in Chinese), you could first buy bitcoin at a service like Clevercoin, Bitonic or BTCDirect and then buy ethereum with bitcoin at a service like Innocoin. You can find very specific and clear tutorials that will guide you through the process step by step, for exampe here: buy ether with bitcoin tutorial.






Ethereum DEVCON2 brings ATH for DGD

DEVCON2, the third ethereum (以太坊) developer conference, drawing a crowd of around 700 people in Shanghai, China, sets off very impressive with talks of technical leader Vitalik Buterin, Swarm developer Viktor Tron and many more.

Apparently one developer announced that Santander bank is researching euro/ dollar backed bearer tokens on the Ethereum network for over 7 months now and suggests will seek regulatory approval to push through.

During the last weeks before DEVCON2 and specially during DEVCON2, the price of DGD (DigixDAO) went through the roof and grew to an ATH of 20 euro, past night. Recent price rally might be due to the new DGX 2.0 token that will be EIP20 compatible and therefore more easy to implement by exchanges.

It will be no surprise if Poloniex adds support for PLU, REP, DGX, DGD, all in one go, to take the market by surprise. Ethereum markets will explode if this will happen.


During the DigixDAO ico, that only went on for about 12 hours before it sold out, one token could be bought for around 3.4 euro, which leaves early investors with an admirable 588% return. Still, DGD is not yet tradeable on Poloniex, the largest altcoin exhange in the world, so there is not much volume yet. It is still possible to buy DGD on Bittrex and speculate on post-poloniex price increase.

Another way to make money in crypto is to participate in ico’s. You could buy ethereum and buy yourself some tokens in a hot new ethereum startup. Just buy ether and invest in ico’s like Iconomi, firstblood, singular-dtv, grid singularity and so on. There are many innovative business models in development on top of the blockchain, which brings unique opportunities to investors. If you only own bitcoin, don’t worry, it is possible to buy ether with bitcoin too.




Zcash is getting ready for release on 28th October

Zcash is a highly anticipated new exciting cryptocurrency project that is getting ready to be released on mainnet on 28th of october 2016.


Zcash is a fork of bitcoin that focuses on privacy features. The main privacy feature being that, whilst all transactions are published on a public blockchain, the actual sender address, amount and receiver address are actually encrypted. There is no possibility for third parties to decipher that information unless they are provided with the decryption key. A sender may decide to share his decryption key with the receiver of the transaction, or not.

The incorporated ‘SNARKS’ in Zcash – an implementation of Zero-Knowledge proofs, will provide miners with a tool to validate or reject transactions without knowing the contents of specific transactions and without disclosing private information about the transactions. That is needed to maintain the privacy centric nature of the Zcash ledger.

Initially it will only be possible to get Zcash coins or tokens through mining. There will be no possibility to buy zcash from exchanges, until they have gathered enough volume to start trading ZEC. It seems that right from the start, zcash will be pretty scarce for this reason. Should you therefore want to buy zec, you might want to consider to start mining it from the start, instead.

The founder of Zcash Zooko Wilcox and early investors, among which are Roger Ver, Barry Seibert and Pantera Capital, have chosen an interesting approach for return on investment that has yet been unseen; namely taxing the mining rewards. The first years they will receive a percentage over all mining rewards, which is highly controversial in the mining community.

On DEVCON2, in Shanghai China, Zooko Wilcox took the stage and talked about Zcash and Ethereum interoperability. Apparently he sees ways for Ethereum and Zcash to work together and deliver interesting new products that offer best of both worlds.

In the ethereum world, exciting things are happening too, for example a recent ethereum crowdsale for game wagering (firstblood) raised 5.5 million USD in only 10 seconds. It was possible to buy ethereum (buy ether) and convert purchased ether to firstblood tokens. It happened so quickly though that a lot of would-be investors missed the boat.

Ethereum, in Chinese written as 以太坊 , still must come a long way in China. One of the largest bitcoin exchanges okcoin has begun doing some experiments with ethereum, but a definitive listing hasn’t been announced.



Zcash approaches launch date on 28 october

In absence of further delay notices it seems Zcash is going to launch on 28 october after an inital delay for extra security audits.

Zcash its proposition is similar to bitcoin, 21 million coins and a similar mining and halving process. The first month it will be very difficult to mine since it will start of very scarce and gradually become available following the ‘normal’ bitcoin mining schedule.

For this reason it will be very hard to buy zcash initially due to the exchanges not being able to gather enough zcash to offer a decent volume. The coin will probably be called ZEC on the exchanges. Once exchanges will start to offer ZEC it will be possible to buy zec on various locations on the web.

Cloud mining providers such as Genesis mining have already started offering mining packages for Zcash and more will follow in the coming weeks.


We will keep you up to date as this story continues.



Only 2 days left to Zcash launch

Zcash, the anonymous cryptocurrency that is in many ways similar to bitcoin, is about to launch. The ecosystem is bracing itself for a wild ride, many cloud hosting providers have updated their offerings with Zcash mining. Zcash websites are popping up like balls on a christmas tree. Also, there is already a lot of search engine competition on the keywords buy zcash and buy zec, which is a good indication that Zcash will be a relevant player in this field.

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-11-06-41Brace yourself for a wild ride and launch up your miners…. Next update soon. it will be interesting to see where Zcash is at on 31 december this year. Expect some heavy mining efforts to go into this system. It will be interesting to see also how fast transactions will be and how nice the disclosure key will work. The disclosure key was discussed in an earlier blog post.